Pastor Shawn and Christy dreamed of planting a church with simple goal: To help people experience the true love of Jesus Christ. To have a relationship with Jesus and see their lives transformed and built on the foundation of the Bible. The vision was to develop a church that was life-giving, spirit-filled, and would represent the mission of reaching people with Christ’s love and releasing God’s specific purpose in each person.


The Beginning

The call was on their lives and the many prophetic words given years prior they knew it was time to step into their destiny. With the vision set before them, they placed a fleece out and told the Lord, if He really wanted them to do this that their first service would be help out at the family cabin 40 minutes away from home. They set the date, and shared with others what they were doing. That morning cars began to drive into the back woods to come and celebrate and begin what this journey would hold August 1, 2010 was their first service! The life transforming message of the Gospel, passionate worship, and a commitment to pursuing authentic relationships has continued this amazing journey.


Why Faith Christian Center

They knew because of their continual walk of faith through many challenging experiences that the name of the church had to include faith. As they prayed, they felt the Lord tell them “Faith Christian Center”. It would be a training place for people to experience the love of Christ, be build up in their faith, be trained up with a solid foundation of God’s word and released into their specific purpose.

The Early Days

From their first service, they went into their home for several weeks and then moved into a local grange. The same one that they were ordained in as pastors many years prior! From there they moved into a church facility they shared with another church and later a school. After seven years there, they prayed and asked the Lord to either give them that building or move them where He wanted. They were ready to no longer share a facility and be able to function as they knew they were called. The Lord answered and within months the building sold and they were told they had to move. As they prayed and prayed, the Lord opened the door to the facility they are in now! They are so excited to see what will come as they serve one another and the community around them!

Through every season of change and expansion, the vision of Faith Christian Center has stayed intact. We are more enthusiastic about reaching people than ever before, and there's a place for you and your family!  


We see God impacting the city through Faith Christian Center every day and we want you to be a part! We invite you to join us for our weekend services Sundays at 10:30am on Facebook.

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